Privacy Policy

Article. 1 General

International Interface Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), operating the real estate and housing information website “” (the “Site”, inclusive of all services provided on it), shall respect the privacy of the users (the “Users”) of the Site and pay close attention to manage the Users’ personal information.
The Company shall responsibly determine a policy to protect personal information of the Users as follows and implement and maintain measures and make continuous improvements to them. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations related to personal information protection as well as other standards.

Article 2. Personal Information

“Personal information” in this Privacy Policy refers to information on a living individual provided for in the Personal Protection Act that may identify a specific individual by the name, address, email address and other descriptions, etc. included in such information (inclusive of information that can easily be verified against other information and enables identification of the specific individual).

Article 3. Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall acquire personal information through legal and fair means and shall not fraudulently acquire information against the will of the Users.
The Company, in the collection of personal information, shall notify or announce in advance the purpose of use of such information.

Article 4. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information, etc. acquired from the Users for the following purposes:

(1) For the purpose of personal authentication of the Users or providing services to the Users

(2) For the purpose of providing personal information to businesses using the services pursuant to User consent and application

(3) For the purpose of delivering or displaying advertising and content, etc. based on attribute information, device information, location information, performance history, etc.

(4) For the purpose of improving services, development of new services, analysis of usage and marketing

(5) For the purpose of providing information on services, campaigns, events, survey reports, etc.; conducting surveys, monitoring, reporting, etc.; displaying and delivering advertising, etc.; and providing multifaceted information distribution services, etc.

(6) For the purpose of carrying out multifaceted Company operations

(7) For the purpose of sending estimates, bills, etc.

(8) For the purpose of responding to feedback, requests, inquiries, etc.

(9) For the purpose of concluding agreements of employment or operations

(10) For the purpose of investigating, reminding, or warning the Users who violate or are likely to violate the rules, etc. on the Site,

(11) For the purpose of requiring Users who have obligations to the Company to perform such obligations

In the case that the need arises to use personal information for purposes other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph, the Users’ consent shall be obtained for such use, unless the Users’ consent is obtained in advance or the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations approve the handling of such case as an exception.

Article 5. Identity Verification

In cases such as when the members register for or use the services or the Company responds to requests for disclosing, correcting, or deleting personal information or suspending the use of services, the Company shall confirm the identity of the person with information enabling identification of individuals (name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, member number, password, etc.). However, in the case that someone other than the person identified by the information obtains and uses such information, the Company shall bear no responsibility.

Article 6. Third Party Provision of Personal Information

The Company, in principle, does not provide personal information to any third party without the Users’ consent. Personal information may be provided only when the information recipient and details are specified and the Users’ consent is obtained. However, this shall not apply to cases falling under the following items:

1. Cases where disclosure is allowed by laws and regulations

2. Cases where disclosure is required by laws and regulations

3. Cases where it is necessary to protect a person’s life, health or assets but the person’s consent is difficult to obtain

4. Cases where disclosure is demanded by public authorities such as the police, prosecutors, courts, and consumer centers

Article 7. Outsourcing Handling of Personal Information

The Company may outsource the handling of personal information in whole or part, and shall bear responsibility regarding the handling of personal information in the outsourcing company.

Article 8. Use of Data Statistically Processed

The Company may prepare statistical data processed to prevent personal identification. The Company shall be allowed to use, without limitations,statistical data not personally identifiable.

Article 9. Management of Personal Information, etc.

The Company shall implement reasonable measures against the risk of unauthorized access to personal information or leak, loss, damage, etc. of personal information to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information. However, the Company shall not guarantee the Users that unauthorized access to personal information, or leak, loss, damage, etc. of personal information can be completely prevented.

Article 10. Acquisition and Use of Attribute Information, etc.

The Company uses cookies for the purposes of the Users’ privacy protection, improvements in convenience, delivering advertisements, and statistical data collection. Moreover, the Company may acquire, from information provided through use of the technologies such as cookies, JavaScript, etc., attribute information not personally identifiable such as age, gender, occupation, residence, etc. (limited to information not personally identifiable even when combined together), device information, behavior history of Users in the website of services (accessed websites, contents, reference order, etc.), and location information based on the Users’ approval and application when using smartphones, etc. However, cookies and behavior history shall not include any personal information. Meanwhile, the services use behavioral targeting advertising services to deliver appropriate advertisements to the Users.
In the case that the Users log in to and use the services, the Company may identify the individual and use their behavior history prior to such login to deliver or display advertising, content, etc. and provide services.

Article 11. Maintaining Up-to-Dateness and Accuracy of Personal Information, etc.

The Company, to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, shall endeavor to maintain and preserve the accuracy and Up-to-Dateness of the Users’ personal information.

Article 12. User Inquiry, etc.

In the case that the Users require inquiry, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, or elimination of personal information of such Users, the Company shall perform identification confirmation. In the case that the Company judges that the inquiry, etc. has been made by the Users themselves, it shall handle it within a reasonable period.

Article 13. Changes of Purpose of Use, etc.

Changes of this Privacy Policy with regard to changes in the purpose of use of personal information, management methods, etc. shall become effective when the Company posts the changed Privacy Policy on the Site. Such changes may be made without prior notice.

Article 14. Disclaimer

In the case of third-party acquisition of the Users’ personal information, the Company shall assume no responsibility when it falls under any of the following:

(1) Cases where the Users provide personal information to a third party through function of the Site or other means

(2) Cases where the Users confirm such acquisition of personal information by same third party

(3) Cases where personal information is obtained through other linked websites on the Site

The Company shall assume no responsibility for privacy protection on other linked websites on the Site. The Users shall visit linked websites at their own risk.

Article 15. Language Disclaimer

The Japanese language version of this Privacy Policy is the official text. In the case where this agreement is translated in a foreign language for the purpose of reference, only the official Japanese language version shall be effective as an agreement, while the foreign language version shall not have any effect.
The Company uses the Japanese language with each party and related persons for the operation of this Privacy Policy.

Supplementary Provisions

The Policy was established as of May 1, 2017.

International Interface Co., Ltd.