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■Over 4000 of the latest property listings are carefully selected for your search!
Information on Tokyo properties for investment purposes is frequently updated and available for “registered members” only.

■Unlimited access to our vast amount of data from anywhere at any time!
Free to register. Get unlimited access to property prices, sizes, yields and locations, etc.

■Get market information in your language!「English」and「Chinese」support is available for real estate transaction brokerage!
Property information is available in Japanese, English and Chinese (simplified/traditional). Send your inquiry in your language. Your inquiries and real estate transaction brokerages will be handled by our staff who are fluent in English and Chinese.

■Create your own “My Page”
Save your favorite properties to “My Page” in just one click. Make a list of your favorite properties for making a further comparison with prices and yields, etc. It is also easy to send your inquiry.

■After-sales service is fully supported!
We are real estate consultants who offer our expertise to assist you with real estate purchase, property management, property sales, company setup for investment purposes and tax consulting services, etc.

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English and Chinese language available

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We are your local partner in Japan.

■Over 4000 of the latest property listings are carefully selected for your search!
We strive to provide all our registered members, who are global investors, with useful and valuable information required for investing in Tokyo real estate. Information on properties, which are located in Tokyo 5 central wards ((Minato, Chuo, Chiyoda, Shibuya, Shinjuku), is frequently updated.
You can narrow your search results by selecting areas on the map, or also have a display list only showing your desired yields and price range.
Use the function key “filter” to sort a list of properties that best matches your requirements such as yields and price range etc.
Press the “Inquiry” button on a selected property page, your inquiry will be sent out to our staff directly with the required information (e.g. name, contact information) and property ID automatically filled out. It makes it very easy to make an inquiry.
You can also write your questions or comment (if any) in the remarks column.
We are always there for you to make your search more efficient and effective.

■Unlimited access to our vast amount of data from anywhere at any time!
Register for free in less than a minute, you will get unlimited access to our vast amount of listings through your PCs, smartphones and tablets.
Our memberships shall only be given to global investors that require registration screenings after registration. You will be contacted after one working day.
Simply choose from the selection criteria such as areas, price, size, yield and keywords etc. to get your search results at any time.
Besides unlimited access to a vast amount of property listings, you can also get Tokyo real estate information from our marketing articles published on a regular basis and previous transaction prices for your own investment analysis.

■Get market information in your language!「English」 and 「Chinese」support is available for real estate transaction brokerage!
Property information, marketing articles, real estate investment tips are all available in English, Chinese (simplified/traditional). Should you have any inquiries, you may contact our bilingual staff by email or phone call.
Our bilingual staff (English, Chinese) will accompany you to property viewings and assist you with real estate transaction process. We can also offer the service of translating the important documents into your desired language, or service of interpreting even for a rare language such as Tagalog. We are committed to supporting your real estate investment with no language barrier.
(*An additional charge of translation/Interpretation service other than English and Chinese shall be required separately.)

■Create your own “My Page”
Save your favorite properties to “My Page” in just one click. Simply press the button “♡” on your desired property page, it will be saved to your favorite list. In case you press the button by mistake, click the button “♡” one more time, the selected property will be removed from your list.
It is super easy and quick to make your own favorite list.
You can also sort your list by yield or price (ascending or descending) for your detailed analysis of the Tokyo real estate market.

■After-sales service is fully supported!
This site is originally designed for global investors to explore investment opportunities, however, our company also serves all who make purchases for residential purposes. We offer a vast of services including real estate purchase & sales, leasing strategy, property management, company setup in Japan, mortgage loan arrangement in a company’s name, Japan immigration support, tax consulting services, tax payment services, etc.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss how to proceed with the services you may need and how to minimize the number of your visits to Japan as per your request.

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